During the past, when people think of Israel, they usually see the image of Christ and a hot desert. However, recently, this is not what the country is perceived by other people. When they hear the country being mentioned in conversations, the image that comes to their minds are flowers. The reason for this is that the country is a known flower exporter. It is now recognized as an important place for growing any type of flowers. From roses, to tulips and to lilies, these are grown in Israel. For the year 2000, the country has earned a revenue of more than $50 million due to its flower export.

Israel is concentrating on the floriculture business, wherein its farmers sell ornamental plants and flowers. The flowers that the country produces for export have reached more than a hundred of variety. Because of this, one third of the agricultural export of Israel depends on the growing of flowers. According to a data, the most number of flowers that are being grown are wax flowers. This is followed by the roses, which are being grown on a 214 hectare of land.

Furthermore, it has been noted that even if the growers for the flowers are lessening, the production has stayed intact. This is owed greatly to the technology and the system of production which is being used to grow the flowers. Due to the huge worldwide demand for flowers the whole year round, more and more new varieties of flowers are being grown in Israel.

To meet the demand for new types of flowers, their development is being researched on. The entire task of growing flowers in Israel for export is due to the collaboration of a lot of people. From flower farmers, to researchers and, to the board and association of flower growers, they all assisted with the task of making sure that the flowers which are being grown are suitable for export.

Flowers in Israel grow beautifully because of the great capability of the farmers. Coupled with researches on flower growing and advanced technology, Israel is earning much from its flower industry. Because of the technology that is being used to help the flowers grow, the country is able to produce and export flowers that are of top quality. It has been predicted that the more the country grows flowers, the higher its revenue is going to be.

In order to increase the sales, the flowers are marketed. One such way of marketing these flowers is through the Internet. Currently, when you view the Internet, you will be able to see a lot of sites which sells flowers. These flowers that most websites sell are grown in Israel.

The most common way of transporting the flowers to other countries is through air. Flights are specifically scheduled, so that when the flowers arrive to their destination, they are still fresh. Lately, researchers have looked into the possibility of transporting the flowers through sea. They are studying the condition of each variety of flowers as they are being transported. They hope to know if the quality of the flowers is still desirable for sale after these are being transported by boat.