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An Israeli flower delivery shop network - allows you to send flowers to friends and family in Israel on the day of the order. We work with only the finest collection of Israeli florists and flower designers to assure you the most excellent bouquets and flower arrangements in all of Israel.
$ 40
$ 36
$ 32
$ 47
Hand In Hand
$ 51
The Sun
$ 58
$ 44
Sweet Wishes
$ 52
$ 53
Sole Chrysanthemums
$ 35
$ 32
$ 45
$ 31
$ 28
$ 51
Red Kiss
$ 45
White Swan
$ 22
$ 54
$ 38
$ 14
$ 53
Moment of Love
$ 42
Country Girl
$ 22
$ 105
$ 49
$ 23
Hansel and Gretel
$ 49
$ 39
Pink Magic
$ 34
White twist
$ 51
$ 45
$ 35
$ 43
Love ball
$ 101
$ 30
$ 32
$ 42
Pink Sytle
$ 31
Red Cyclamen
$ 23
Sweet Baby
$ 53
  • More than 60 flower shops distributed throughout Israel
  • We select the best flower shops to ensure the quality of the flowers
  • We send flowers to more than 1,000 cities in Israel
  • Thank you very much!!! The quality of the flowers and the service is great!!! Have a nice day!
  • My mom got the order. She is very pleased with the quality of theflowers. Great job! Thanks a lot!

"" is a flower shop network with more than 90 member florists spread in the entire Israeli region allowing us to send flowers anywhere in Israel with low delivery fee and same day they ordered. In the major cities – Jerusalem, Tel aviv, Haifa, etc - We are sending the order within 5 hours (not before 11 am). All the prices include GST.

Say It with Flowers, Say It with Flowers Israel
you get to send flowers to your loved ones any time. And for the first time in the world, you will not only get a confirmation upon the receipt of the flowers but you will also see the picture of the recipient actually receiving the flowers you have sent. Indeed, this is truly one unique and special feature thought of by Flowers Israel, the flower shop network of Israel.

We have satisfied countless of customers from the way we do things and from the way we bring results to the table. The shop makes sure to utilize only the services of top notch Israeli florists. As a customer, you are assured of quality and beautiful products, as well as beyond compare services.

The flower bouquets offered by us are all beautiful. We offer a wide range of choices. Some bouquets are extravagant and breath-taking, others are simple and sentimental. Whatever you might prefer when it comes to a flower bouquet, Flowers-Israel is sure to meet your demands.

Flowers Israel does not only offer wonderful bouquets and magnificent flower arrangements but the shop also offers potted plants. Plants that is sure to take your blues away. Aside from that, the shop also provides customers with various selections of chocolate and wine packages along with the flowers. Flowers Israel is indeed a flower shop network that lives up to the highest of standards.

Moreover, we knows how special everyone can be for each other. That is why the shop takes pains to provide customers with heartwarming arrays of cards and lovely vases. The shop surely takes a flower shop to the next level. If you want to make a special someone in your life feel special, then Flowers Israel is the place to go.

The shop also offer flower services for funerals. The wreaths they have will help you show your appreciation with the life you shared with the dearly departed. Flowers Israel knows the value of each person and thus we do our best to help everyone express their feelings for each other through flowers and other heartfelt gifts.

Flowers Israel is a very convenient flower shop because it can be accessed through the internet. Visit our website and find out for your own the many wonderful things offered there. If not, you can contact us with the telephone number +972–4–6668833 . By visiting our site, you get to see the pictures of the available products we have along with the prices, so everything is really made easy for you.

Flowers Israel is also known for its one unique and much appreciated feature. If you decide to send bouquets and other flower arrangements, chocolates and wine, cards, vases, or plants to somebody special, you will receive confirmation. The confirmation however is not done the usual way. Upon receipt of the flowers, the recipient will be photographed and you can see the smiling and appreciative faces of that special person in the internet. Indeed, this online flower shop is the best in Israel.